Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Brother!

Above: My brother, Noah, at age eleven in 1992.

Tomorrow is my youngest brother’s 26th birthday. My youngest brother Noah was born in 1981 and was originally named “Benjamin.” After a few days in the hospital, the nurses were calling him “Benji” and my mother changed his name to Noah Benjamin. Although being the oldest of three boys, I gave my brother a nickname and it stuck for many years: Goya Bean. Goya O' Boya was the slogan for Goya Beans at the time and I thought he looked like a little "goya bean" :-) Older brother's are big pain's in the asses!

I am eight years older than Noah and I vividly recall him as a tiny newborn. I remember how tiny he was and how I would help my mother bathe, feed and dress him. He was a little doll in some ways and I like to think I was a huge part of his upbringing. Noah was the quiet one of the family but he had a short temper. He had a full head of curls and was by far the cutest of the three children in the family growing up.

Above: My brother Nathan (far left) and me holding my "new-born" brother, Noah in 1981.Check out the orange chair and the matching dutch boy haircuts!! I love it!

Although I am not that close with my youngest brother, probably because I left home at 16 years old and he was only 8 years old at the time, I still think of him and have fond memories of a very colorful childhood together and me being the bossy and protective older brother.

Noah, I hope you have a wonderful 26th birthday.

See you when I come back home to Massachusetts!

Love, your brother…


Patrick said...

You're such a sweet brother! I would love to see you grow your hair in like it is in that photo of you. hehe

Menky said...

Honestly, if I could grow it out like that again, I would. LOL. I secretly always wanted long hair...oh well.

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture! I love the orange chair and the row of books in the background. Too funny!