Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Above: March Madness in Vegas!!

This is my fifth time in Las Vegas; four of them have been with PJ. This time it was for March Madness and I finally know what the "madness" is all about. The entire city was featuring every college basketball game and people were up at the crack of ass to grab a table to watch the basketball games. The picture of one of the sports books above shows just how packed it was. I arrived on Thursday night and met PJ and our good friend Kevin from Boston. It was great to see a familar face, yes, even Kevin's! I was completely out of it when I arrived in Vegas because I had only slept 2 hours out the past 48 hours, I had a few killer days at work, and so I went straight to our hotel room and crashed. We stayed at Mandalay Bay, a very nice hotel and the room was great.

Above: One of the best hotel's in Vegas, Mandalay Bay.

Friday was a new day and I was finally myself again after a good night's sleep. Paul and Kevin were out the night before gambling and had won some cash. We spend the morning watching some intense basketball games and rooting with and against other spectators watching the games. I found it very fun rooting against people who were rooting for the other team. The bantering and sneering comments were a lot of fun. I played some blackjack and craps and of course I lost, I never win money in Vegas but it's fun to play. Later that day Kevin and I went to the pool; they were having record temperatures in the 90's. So we sat out at the amazing pool and took in the sun. We only stayed for a short time as Kevin turned three different shades of red while were lying out and lucky I got a nice brown color after bathing in a vat of sunscreen.

Above: The pool at Mandalay Bay where Kevin and I were loungin.

It's Friday night and we were all pumped up to go out so we found this really cool new gay bar called Gypsy. When we arrived it was quiet but after a few minutes of standing around the place got packed. The bar had two dance floors, one playing pop music and the other hip-hop. I have not been out dancing in a long time and I love to dance. I don't mean to toot my own horn but anyone who knows me knows that I can move for a white boy. I danced mostly in the hip-hop section and even the brothas were impressed with my moves! I danced most of the time I was there, Kevin and PJ also danced. Seeing Kevin danced is a rarity but he danced, sort of, to the theme of Knight Rider! They had a few strippers as well, one of the strippers was walking around in his underwear and looked like a walking piece of leather he had seen so much sun. So he walked by me and I started talking to him and he just gave me a scowl and as he walked away I slapped him on the ass. First of all, if your going to strip in a gay bar you can't be straight AND a prick. You can be straight but be friendly also if your going to freak out because a guy touches you while you are in a gay bar walking around in your underwear, then you shouldn’t be doing it. So the guy threw his drink at me and I thanked him because I was sweating so much from dancing. He got even more pissed because I was not feeding into his anger, most likely because he is repressing his homoerotic fantasies, and he stormed off. I love other people's stupidity. Anyway, we all had a blast!

Above: Me at Vegas getting ready to go dance my ass off.

On Saturday, Kevin wanted to celebrate his Irish heritage since it was St Patrick's Day so we went to New York, New York where they have a really cool Irish bar called "Nine Fine Irishmen." It's built to look like a nice old pub from Ireland. Besides African Americans, I am the furthest thing from being Irish, but I was interested in going. My father used to take me to the St. Patrick's Day parade when I was a kid and it was always amusing to see the drunken Irishmen wobble around the street. The majority of the people at the Nine Fine Irishmen were dressed up in anything green they could find, hats, flags, shirts, and thongs. Thankfully Kevin didn't wear his thong, although he could get away with it now since he dropped 20 pounds. Paul and I were the only two people that didn't have anything green on but we enjoyed listening to the six Irish songs that played over and over and I had fun counting how many teeth the men over 40 had in the group. I think collectively there were 20 teeth for all the men over 40 and there were at least 50-60 men in attendance. Paul's friend from work, Sherrie, stopped by on Saturday night and we hung out with her for a bit, she was really cool and helped us role some dice at the craps table, but her luck was no better than mine. So I left Vegas with less money than I came with but it was so much fun, Vegas is a great place to go to have fun, just don't longer than the days otherwise you could be homeless on the Vegas strip playing begging for beer money or you could end up strangling your best friend as you can see Paul is doing to Kevin in the picture below.

Above/Below: Kevin & PJ spend too much time together in Vegas!


PJ said...

Kevin and I were re-enacting wrestling moves a la Mr. Fuji and Hulk Hogan. Kevin was getting bodyslammed.

Anonymous said...

Grabbing some guy's butt in the bar sounds fun. Getting a drink thrown in your face does not. Keep your hands to yourself next time :-)