Saturday, March 3, 2007

California Dreamin'

Above: Yours truly.

Today was a glorious winter day in San Francisco; it reached 70 degrees today, enough for me to get a little color in my pasty white face! The day started out great, Paul did his weekend ritual and got his coffee and thee yummy bagel sandwiches at "Holy Bagel." While we were eating we saw two of the most beautiful birds on our patio deck. We have this large patio off of our living room with a huge tree hovering near it and these two bluebirds live in the tree. So we met our new "neighbors" and gave them a housewarming gift of bread and cheese. They gave us a housewarming gift of bird shit and squawking at 6am. Not an even trade.

Above: Actual picture on our deck of our "new neighbor."

Paul and I decide to explore the San Francisco area and drove around with the rag top down so our hair can blow...wait..that's Vanilla Ice again; Paul is really rubbing off on me. We didn’t have Zachary with us because he is in sunny Florida with his mom and family. So, Zach is on vacation!!! Paul and I started our adventure by going to the Ferry Building Farmer's market. It was swarming with good food, crazy people and the sweet smell of urine from the homeless people! Below are some of the sites we saw while at the Farmer's Market.


Above: Two performers at the Farmer's Market, nice socks!

Above: Two enourmous metal structures made of junk yard salvage.

Above: Yummy mushrooms!!

Above: A homeless man washes his crotch in a fountain. I couldn't resist!

We then traveled to the famous Presidio, the old military base is quite beautiful and impressive and we followed it along the coast until we arrived at Baker Beach. This has to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. The views were breath taking and the fresh air was crisp and clean. People were strewn along the beach without a care in the world. Paul and I walked the beach when we came across the Bering Strait!! I was shocked because I thought the Bering Strait separated Russia from Alaska, but low and behold it was on Baker Beach! I am submitting the photo below of Paul leaping over the Bering Strait ever so carefully. I bet you want to know whether he made it or not....he did, so no pictures of him falling on is ass and getting wet, sorry!

Above: Paul leaps over the Bering Strait!


PJ said...

Of course I made it, I still have a little bounce in my step!

Frank said...

What a sweet life you two have!