Saturday, March 24, 2007

My First New Business Win

Above: Me in bed after a lot of late nights at work this month.

**I am being very vague with this posting because my job is very confidential and I cannot talk in detail about where I work or what I am doing at work.

Starting a new job for anyone is a little rough especially when it's in a new city thousands of miles away from where you are from. I started my new job the first week of January this year working in new business. It's not easy getting into a comfortable mode at a new job, takes some time to get to know people and prove yourself as a good worker. My first full new business pitch from beginning to end started in January and it ended yesterday. The result was a win for the company and my first win at the new job!!! It's hard to describe the feeling over something that you work so hard at, all the hours you spend working and neglecting your family, neglecting yourself and disconnecting yourself from what's going on in the world. It was all worth it. What's nice about the place I work for is the recognition you get, it was very nice to get props for my hard work from the 'partners' of the company. All the people I worked with on this are incredible, smart and creative people. Let's keep the momentum going!!


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Congrats!!!!! What an amazing track record!