Thursday, March 22, 2007

Life without a Binky

Above: Click the above picture to see Zachary the Grouch!

It's been a ruff weeks for Zebra!! Zachary went to the dentist last week to make sure his chipped tooth is okay and the doctor could tell that Zachary uses a binky still. My brother used a binky until he was four and ended up having these huge buckteeth, he had to get braces to fix them. So, Zachary can no longer have a binky, only at night when he goes to bed. Not only was Zachary starting off this week without a binky BUT ALSO he was also pretty sick on Monday and Tuesday. Paul stayed home with him most of the day and we both sat up with Zach at night while he was vomiting heavily. Sigh. I get so sad seeing him sick like that, you kind of wish you could just take away the pain when you see your kid not feeling well.

So Zachary came home from school again today with a rash on his lags, this kid can't catch a break! So Zachary has been a little bummed out because he is losing his binky. So he has been over compensating at night when he actually can have the binky, see the picture below that proves it!

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