Sunday, March 11, 2007

Angelina Jolie

Above: The stunning Angelina Jolie and her "DSL's."

What a glorious weekend it was in San Francisco, not a cloud in the sky and close to 80 degrees! A perfect day for softball! Paul and I had our first softball practice today and we were both pumped up to get started. My practice was at 10 am so I was on the field early and started warming up by throwing the ball with the two coaches. My arm was in great form and I was already to start to show my skills. The rest of the team made it's way to the field late, most of them I really don' t know and they struck up a conversation with me while I was tossing the ball with the coach. I turned my head to say hello when I heard the coach scream my name and I looked back and POW! the ball hit me right in the mouth. So this is par for the course for me, BUT these guys don't know that yet! They don't know that I tend to not pay attention while I am on the softball field and I am prone to getting hurt. So don't tell them, let them find out on their own.

Above: My new team on the bleachers after practice.

Back to my I thought I lost a few teeth at first as the blood trickled down my chin but thankfully I didn't loose or chip any teeth. Zachary and I would have been two peas in a pod with damaged teeth! The only damage was a big set of fat juicy lips, my lips are not naturally full and of course one always wonders what you would look like with alterations to your face, well I now know what I would look like with Angelina Jolie lips or DSL lips. For those of you who don’t know what "DSL" stands for, email me and I'll tell you!

Above: My injury close up so you can feel my pain!

Paul was not shocked to see I had an injury and Zachary felt a little bit more confident about his tooth after seeing my lip. I still followed through with my practice and al my teammates kept telling me that sports injuries are "hot" and "sexy." So stay tuned for a weekly update on my softball injuries:-)

Above: There I am sporting my new DSL's!"

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