Sunday, June 29, 2008

San Francisco Gay Pride 2008

Above: Check out the sea of people last night at the street party on Castro.

Well, it's here. Gay Pride 2008 in San Francisco! Gay Pride in SF is probably the biggest in the country and I am not a crowd lover. I don’t enjoy being in large crowds fighting my way through people and being in the middle of chaos. I prefer small gatherings and tame events. So, I was very reluctant to go out and enjoy Gay Pride this year, but I went out.

Above: The boys on the streets of San Francisco.

Paul and I first stopped at our friend Jeff's house for an early afternoon brunch party. Mama Gubitosi was a gracious host and had great food and strong mimosas. Most everyone there was from our circle of friends, so it was great to see everyone as always. I was already glad I was out and about. I am most comfortable surrounded by familiar faces.
Above: Jay, Jase and Mark showing Jeff's Britney Spears feet - while Cody and Joe look on.

Above: Jay rubbing Jeff's dirty feet on Paul.

Above: I love this candid photo of everyone hanging out - love Cody's face.

From Jeff's, we all went our own separate ways, Jase, Paul and I headed over to Kyser's "29th" birthday party at Phillip's pad. It was a hot mess at Kyser's party, there were people hanging off the ceiling, girls wailing and hole-less blow up dolls roaming around the place. We had a bit of fun there and then we snuck out! ZOOM!

Above: Me with the birthday boy, Kyser.

Above: Kyser, Phillip and Paul.

Above: Kyser getting his groove on.

Above: Kyle, Steve and Kyser - I love this photo of Kyser looking like he's worshiping the Lord.

Above: Kyser enjoying his blow-up doll with his sexy girlfriend.

After that, I was ready to go home BUT we kept going. Jase went home for a catnap and we ended up in the Castro at a small party in a hair salon with our friend Joe and his friend Darrin. We raided the food and had some tasty meatballs. From there we went to a bar called Moby Dick and we ran into Zach's teacher! HA! I was going to get a picture with all of us having fun at the bar, but the teacher was uncomfortable enough with us there, he kept saying to his friends - their son is in my class! HA! It was comical. I should have got a picture!!! Damn.

Above: Me acting crazy with a tame Ryan!

Above: I love this shot of Ryan and Paul in the Castro madness.

After that event, we headed to one of my favorite restaurant in the city, Home. I love this place! Paul and I met Ryan there and we were expecting a long wait, but we were seated within 10 minutes. When we were being seated I noticed a familiar face sitting in back of us and I looked twice to make sure I was seeing whom I thought I was seeing....yup, it was Perez Hilton! Again, for some reason I get all excited for D-list celbs, like Tiffany a few weeks ago, and I shout, "Oh My God It's Perez Hilton!" I could see the small grin on his face as if he was thinking "I have fans!" He was eating some delicious looking dessert. Anyway, I was not letting him leave without getting a photo with him. When he got up to leave, after he flipped the bill for over 10 people, I called out "Perez" and he graciously came over and took a photo with me. How nice!:-) For those of you who don't know who Perez Hilton is - he is a self-made millionaire who became famous and rich off of a little blog that picked on celebrities. His blog brings in over 4 million hits a day and he also landed a reality show.

Above: Perez loves to add little white spots on peoples photos - hence the mysterious white stuff in the photos.

Above: Oh my - lovin' spoonful!

Above: Perez Hilton being stalked, I love the Members Only jacket!

Above: Perez and Me.

After my excitement of meeting Perez, we all headed back to Moby's for a few drinks but before we went to the bar we did some sight seeing. We walked around the street party for a while and saw many interesting sights so I snapped several photos of what I thing sums up what Gay Pride is all about!

Above: This woman was hilarious, she told me her name was Steph and I laughed my ass off.
I had no idea that boobs could get that big!

Above: Some young gay guy getting his groove on in the street.

Above: A great night shot of the Castro party.

Above: Three girls who were having fun playing dress-up.

Above: This young girl was doing some fancy arm dancing.

My last stop was at our friend Eric's house where he was having a karaoke birthday bash, you know how those Asians love their karaoke! So we enjoyed the off-tune sounds of many singers singing their hearts out. By this time it was close to 10pm and my dogs were barking, I was done and I headed home. Paul stayed out with our friends and I walked up the steep hills of San Francisco towards Noe Valley.

Above: The second birthday boy of the day, Eric sings with Joe.

Above: Karaoke fun!

I stopped to take a few pictures of the amazing crowd and thought what a great time to be a young gay guy. I have to say that I do get crabby about gay pride and all the craziness that goes on, but I will say this I had a huge smile on my face when I looked back at all of my "brothers" an "sisters" having a blast - how fearless we all have become. I am fearless right now and I love it.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful to be fearless, Neil? Fear is the killer, it steals so much energy. Thank you for sharing your happiness!