Monday, June 2, 2008

More photos from Mexico

Above: The gang is almost all here. This is the majority of us that were in Mexico, a few faces are missing (photo courtesy of Andrew).

Ah, there were so many cameras flashing during our trip in Mexcio. The photos below are from Ryan and Andrew's collections! Enjoy:-)

Above: This is a great picture. Looks like an ad for Corona (photo courtesy of Andrew).

Above" I spy a few Hot Tranny Messes! Me, Paul and Andrew at Manyana (photo courtesy of Andrew).

Above: This was the huge feast we had during our break from the "booze cruise" (photo courtesy of Andrew).

Above: Paul and Ryan feeling MUCH better on the way back from the booze cruise (photo courtesy of TheRyanThomasCollection).

Above: Michael, Me and Ryan reliving a Titanic moment (photo courtesy of TheRyanThomasCollection).

Above: A great shot of the beautiful but deadly ocean (photo courtesy of Andrew).

Above: Volleyball without a net...

....more netless volleyball (photos courtesy of Andrew).

Above: Andrew and Stephen relaxing with their Coronas (photo courtesy of Andrew).


xpressyrsf said...

Yay! A plug! Thanks for the publicity with my shots! The Ryan Thomas Collection is going full steam ahead now. Haha!

That shot of you, PJ and Andrew at Manana should be added to your modeling portfolio.

Menky said...

Well, I didn't want to get sued for using your photos without the trademark attached:-P hee hee

Yea, that shot from Manyana made me look at myself twice - I was like WHO is THAT! It's all smoke and mirrors!

The South End said...

I want to know who was bumping uglies with who!!!!!!! We need a tell-all post here.