Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kung-Fu Panda!

Above: Zach and me encounter Kung-Fu Panda! Hiya!

Zachary has been waiting patiently to see the much-publicized movie Kung-Fu Panda! We took Zach to go see the early show to beat the crowd today and for the most part it was a great decision. Zach loved the movie. We got to the theatre around 10am and the theatre was pretty quiet - then it started to fill up with mostly Asian Americans.

Above: Zach and me wait for Kung-Fu Panda to start.

The movie was great fun and Zach loved it but throughout the entire film an Asian woman in back of us translated the movie in Chinese to her young daughter. We all got a lesson in learning how to say Kung-Fu Panda in Chinese. Ready...this is how you say Kung-Fu Panda in Chinese...CHING FONG DONG WING KUNG-FU PANDA CHOW MING! Phew, I didn't think I was going to remember that but the woman said it about 50 times right into my ear. At least I can take away a Chinese lesson from the film.

Above: Zohan trying to cut my rats nest!

Above: Zach wanted to take Kung-Fu Panda home....

....and Paul wanted to take Zach Efron home!

After the film we went to the lobby of the theater, which had a huge arcade. Zach is starting to get the video game bug. He loves playing the racecar video games. I remember being six years old and playing Pong on Colecovision. It was amazing and then Atari came out when I was eight years old and I was hooked on video games right into my 20s. I had Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Super Nintendo, Game Boy - you name it I had it and I played it. I have not ventured into the new realm of video games with Wii and Playstation but I am sure in a few years I will be back into the video game scene when Zach is challenging me to a video game.

Above: Future video game junkie!


Chris said...

That Panda is hilarious. It looks massive.

Timp said...

Ha ha ha! I worked on the outside graphics for that game Arctic Thunder when I worked at Midway Amusement Games!