Friday, June 6, 2008

How vain are you?

Recently I was reading an article in Details magazine and I came across this horrifying article. Everyone has something they wan to change about themselves, it's human nature. Some people get liposuction, nose jobs, breast implants, lip injections - you name it BUT I'd never heard of a procedure that can actually make you taller. Making yourself taller I am sure appeals to many men who are under the "average" male height of 5'9-5'10. We have all heard how shorter men compensate by buying fast cars or bulking up to compensate for being short- but would you go as far as having your legs cut off (yes, right through the bone) and have them surgically altered with metal extensions? YIKES. I posted the article on here for people to read and I am curious to read your reactions. How vain are you?

I'll admit I am slightly vain, I like to look good when I leave the house, I workout to stay in shape and do what I can to keep up my appearance but I have never done anything that has permanently altered my physical appearance. I have read some horror stories about what could go wrong under "the knife" and this story made me stomach turn and made me mad that someone would go through all of this, risk life and limb (literally) to be a few inches taller. What are people thinking?

Short men across the world - please - think before you do this. Short men are hot and they are even hotter when they are confident about their height, even if they are only 5'2.


Chris said...

This is very disturbing...

theryanthomascollection said...

Some friends and I were talking about this article the other night. I got the chills just thinking about it. Haven't people learned that sometimes we just shouldn't mess with nature...i.e. global warming?

Although, Im sure some parties don't object to lip injections (if you know what I mean). I personally don't like such dramatic changes. Particularly making things bigger because in the end everything just looks disportionate and clown like.