Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The "Stoner"

Above: Me falling out of the tree.

Hanging upside down in that tree over the weekend and dropping to the ground like I was 15 years old was not a wise thing (see pictures below to see what lead up to me being rushed to the hospital). I went to work this past Monday feeling a bit under the weather but I didn't want to call out sick because I was taking two vacation days later this week. So I went to work but I was having pains in my back and testicles. Very weird pain but I figured it was just from being overly active this past weekend.

Above: Me falling to the ground, notice I land on my RIGHT SIDE,
this jogged the kidney stones I had, causing me much pain. Oye!

At lunch time, I went for a walk with my friend Maggy, to a local grocery store called "Mollie Stones" to get some lunch and when I got back from lunch I felt great. I was feeling back to my old self and had just finished a yummy lunch. No sooner after I started feeling better a stabbing pain went shooting from my lower back on the right side all the way down my leg, up through my chest and my arm. I was in so much pain I had no idea what was going on. I tried to call Paul but I could barely dial the phone. I was having hard time breathing and I could barely talk. I went to get out of my chair at work and just crumbled to the ground losing feeling on the right side of my body. I thought I was having a stroke. As I fell to the ground I saw a co-worker, Audry, and tried to get her attention. Thank you so much Audry for helping me and calling an ambulance to help me figure out what the hell was happening to me. :-)

Above: Drugged up in the hospital.

After I was carried out of my work on a stretcher I was still in so much pain, I was crying and not understanding what was going on. The EMT's were telling me it was a kidney stone. I had never had a kidney stone, I had no idea what they were but I was not buying it because I didn't think it could cause so much pain. My pain was a 9 on a scale of 1-10. So they shot me up with morphine in the ambulance and I was brought to the hospital. I was out of it after the morphine but I had to have a cat scan because there was blood in my urine and it could have been an injury when I feel out of the tree over the weekend.

Thankfully, it was just kidney stones BUT these things fucking hurt!! Imagine taking a straw and trying to push a round stone through the straw all the way to the other end of the straw until it comes out. P A I N F U L! It's crazy. So after the exam my doctor said I am a "stoner" and that it's hereditary and in my genes. My grandfather had problems with it, he died at a young age from rectal/colon cancer and I remember my father having problems with kidney stones as well. So, it’s something I will always have BUT I can prevent it by drinking more water, I feel I drink a tone of water as it is, but it looks like I have to drink more. I don't drink coffee, soda or anything with caffeine. The doctor said if I did, I could have had several more stones.

Above: Sleeping beauty.

So, I am ok. I am still a bit week, but I am thankful it was nothing serious. It was scary and a bit embarrassing having to be taken from work to the hospital but I am glad I am ok. A huge thanks to everyone at work that helped me and was there to support me in anyway. You guys are the best! See you all soon.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you are in pain, and not feeling well. Hope you are better soon!

Patrick Lentz Photography said...

The moment you mentioned extreme pain in the testicles I thought to myself "kidney stone"! I had the same thing a couple of years ago and I totally know what you mean about the pain. It's horrific! I was in the hospital for several hours before the pain went away. I never actually felt the kidney stone passing, though. Occasionally I will get the pain again, but not as severe.

Obviously they must have told you to drink LOTS of water. You just have to do that for now on!

Hope you feel better !

Menky said...

Patrick i remember you having kidney stones I never felt them pass either I am just assuming they did. Thanks for the note miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Tough luck. :( Get well soon, Neil!

-Julie L.,

Menky said...

Thanks Julie! I have not forgot about you possibly coming to San Francisco!