Sunday, March 23, 2008

Instant Karma!

Above: Show me the money!! My new passport and my winnings!

After a tough beginning of the week, it all ended rather nicely. Paul and I had scheduled a trip to Vegas months ago to go to March Madness in Vegas and I was worried I wasn’t going to make it because of my kidney stones and the pain that went along with those lovely little stones. By Wednesday, I was almost 100% but not quite but I still flew out to Vegas that night anyway. I pretty much rested when we got there, we were both pretty much awake when we arrived around 8pm and wanted to walk around the city. Our good friend Kevin had arrived hours earlier but could not check into the room, so by the time we got there, Kevin spent 5 hours or so in the casino gambling and drinking he was plum tuckered out and passed out by 9pm.:-)

Thursday - I felt good and was happy that the stones were literally a thing of the past! Kevin, Paul and I were wrapped up in the excitement of March Madness and had a blast just hanging out in the casino and gambling. That night, two more of our friends, Troy and Richard had arrived and it was great to see them and we just hung out at Mandalay Bay and played a bit on Roulette and Blackjack.

Above: Troy, Me and Richard enjoying a nice meal!

Above: A blurry Kevin (sorry these photos were taken with my iPhone) and a very handsome Paul at dinner!

Friday – I was feeling okay - I was still taking it easy and not doing anything out of whack. Paul, Richard, Troy and I all decided to spend the day at the Mandalay Spa. It was JUST what I needed. I got an hour-long massage and hung out for several hours in a nice warm hot tub. It was awesome!! We all really didn’t want to leave but we were getting pretty hungry and our bodies were looking like prunes from sitting in the hot water. That night we went to a really fancy steak house and pigged out on some delicious foods - savory steaks and great side dishes. It was the best! Finally, I felt I could eat a good meal and not worry about getting sick. We gambled a bit more after that and I was down a few hundred bucks so I was hoping to rebound the next day.

Above: Ahhhhhh, the inviting!

Saturday – Our last full day in Vegas, it was 80 degrees and I wanted to try and get a little color on my pasty white ass. So Kevin, Paul and I decided to go to the pool and lie out for a few hours. Well, when we got there the place was jammed packed and there was no room for us to lie out. I was pretty pissed and I was pouting around and being a bit bitchy. I stormed off and walked around the casino, not only couldn’t I lie out but also I was down about $500.00 now and I was just cranky. I got a text message from Paul saying there was a casino by the pool and we should hang out there and chill. I reluctantly went back to the pool, but I am so glad I did! Kevin and I saw and empty Craps table and we decided to try our luck. I pulled out my last $100.00 I was going to spend while I was in Vegas and borrowed another from Kevin to play Craps. As the table started to fill up we were doing pretty well and then it came to Kevin’s roll. In my many times of playing Craps I never saw anyone roll so well. I had all my money on the table and it was make it or break it….Kevin ended up rolling the dice for over 35 minutes!!! If you’re not familiar with Craps - that’s an amazing amount of time to roll the dice.

Above: Kevin and his lucky hat. We were both rubbing the shamrock before we rolled the dice!

After Kevin was done rolling I was next, Kevin and I seriously were saying it was his Irish green Boston Red Sox hat that was giving him the luck so I decided to try wearing the hat and rolling. I rolled for about 10-15 minutes or so and by the time I was done. I had made $2,300.00!!!!!! I was sweating and shaking I was so excited that I had made that much money!! Kevin also made a ton of money, more than I did! So I paid Kevin back his money and I owned Paul a few bucks and I paid myself back the $500.00 I lost the previous few days and it turned out I had made $1,500.00! My best Vegas pull yet! We were all pumped at the day and it only continued to get better. We decided to play Blackjack at this cozy bar in the Luxor. It was a cool set up with a rounded couch at the table and we ALL made money at the table. The dealer was "family" so it was a blast playing and laughing. I brought in another $800.00!! So my total winnings in Vegas ware around $2,300!! GREAT TRIP!!!

So, I am off to work tomorrow and I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things!:-) Zach is also coming over tonight to see what the Easter bunny brought him!!


Anonymous said...

Get a proctologist to pull that horse shoe outta your ass before an infection sets in.


Menky said...

LOL, maybe it was really a horse shoe that was causing me pain and not the kidney stones! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Good guys DO win. Congratulations, honey! ;)

Hugs and kisses,
Julie L.

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Good guys DO win! Congratulations, hon! ;)

Hugs & kisses,
Julie L.

Menky said...

Thanks Julie! When you come to San Fran - we'll go out for a nice dinner with the winnings!

Anonymous said...

You lucky shit!