Friday, March 7, 2008

The Power of the Internet

Above: The fall of 1978, I am in the middle( age 4) with my girlfriends Linda and Laura. Laura is on the right. I look like a little old man.

The Internet is really a powerful tool. Just think before the Internet, if you wanted to find someone from your past you would have to do a lot of leg work, on phones, libraries and such. Today, you goggle someone and you can find him or her. That's just what a childhood friend of mine did recently. From the ages of 2-5, I hung around and was watched by these two twin girls named Linda and Laura. They were seven years older than me and my mother used to watch them and they in turn eventually watched me. I really connected with them and they were like my big sisters and I was like their little...sister:-)

Anyway, I had not seen either of these girls in about 28 years!! I got an email recently from Laura telling me she was searching my name on Google and found me. She told me how she always thought about me over the years and carried a photo of me at age 5 in her wallet. I was shocked to get the email and we talked on the phone for several hours. She told me so many things about my childhood that I didn't remember. She asked me if I still loved the music group Heart!! I laughed so hard and told her I saw them in concert in 2007:-) She also said that she was not surprised that I was gay; she said she knew I was gay when I was 4 years old. Funny, it really just proves the theory that people really are born gay and the fact that I loved playing with Barbie doll!:-) Laura sent me the picture above, it was for a newspaper that were featuring twins and I was watching them being photographed for the newspaper and the photographer saw me and asked me to get in the picture with the girls. I was so thrilled and the photo was on the front page of the paper. I still remember how excited I was seeing it in the newspaper. It was great connecting with Laura and talking about that little window of time we shared together.

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