Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beaded Jockstrap

Life in the Shadows - The Making of Daisy Kenyon is my third Joan Crawford documentary that I appear in. This documentary is on the DVD release of the film Daisy Kenyon that was released on March 11th! I am very pleased with this documentary - it was filmed so beautiful and given a real Noir look to it. Anyway, I am featured a few times in the doc and one part I am talking about a beaded jockstrap that Joan Crawford gave to her co-star, the magnificent Henry Fonda. Joan Crawford had the hots for Henry Fonda in 1947 while making this film. Joan was a single woman at the time and she was very sexual woman in general. She had this jockstrap made for Fonda and when he opened it he had no idea what the hell it was.

Above: Henry Fonda and Joan Crawford get close in "Daisy Kenyon."

Later in the filming process there was a scene where Fonda had carry Joan up the stairs and Crawford whispered in Fonda's ear "how about you try on that little item I gave you later tonight?" Fonda was so taken back by Joan's aggressiveness that he almost dropped her! Very funny story. Anyway, it was a great experience and I am thrilled that I have three documentaries under my belt. I have already put the feelers out for future projects!:-)


Robby said...

My Great Aunt was either a personal friend or employee of Joan Crawford.

I have recently found 8x10 photos which are probably from the 40's of Joan, and a few personal notes from her to my great aunt.

We also have an 8x10 full body negative of Joan Crawford.

Do you have an idea of what these items are worth?

Thank you,
Robby and Edie Brodsky
San Jose, Ca

Menky said...

Hey Robby,

I would love to talk to your privately about these items.

Please email me at