Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

Above: The warm weather had me hanging from trees!

YAHOO! Yesterday, Paul Zachary and I went to the discovery museum in Sausalito and it was a GLORIOUS day! We had a blast! The weather could not have been more perfect, not a cloud in the sky, nice cool breeze and it was around 70 degrees. We are hoping some of this awesome weather heads to our friends and family in Boston. Check out the fun we had below!

Above: Herrrrrrrrrrre's Zach!

Above: Are those real crabs?

Above: Laughing at the "fake" crabs.

Above: Zach's infectious laugh!

Above: Zach is rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty.

Above: Climbing to new heights.

Above: What an amazing view!

Above: Another great view!

Above: Discovering.

Above: Little House on the Prairie.

Above: Zach and me! No, I am not going bald, I dyed my hair blond and I am under the suns rays!

Above: CHEESE!

Above: Actin' silly!

Above: Inside of a very old tree.

Above: The long haul.....

Above: How does Zach measure up? Almost 42" high!

Above: Zach takes a rest on a whale.

Above: Paul and Zach are sitting on a rat!

Above: Last photo of the day. What a face!

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