Saturday, September 1, 2007

Golden Gate Park

Above: Amelia and Zach playing on the metal cattail.

Paul has almost been out in San Francisco for a year now, hard to believe and in January it will be my one-year in SF. It goes by fast! We both still have not been to the amazing Golden Gate Park. So we took Zach there last week and it was pretty impressive. The park spans miles and we only scratched the surface of the park. We took Zach to the newly designed children’s park and it was quite impressive. Zach rode his bike all around the park and then tackled the huge playground.

Above: Golden Gate Park Playground.

Above: Whoosssh! Zach going down the slide.

Above: Daddy and Zach taking a lunch break.

While Zach was at the park he ran into his classmate, Amelia! She was so cute and Zach had to show off how he could ride his bike, could this be Zach’s first girlfriend?! LOL! They plated together so well! Unfortunately, Amelia's last day at Zach's school was this past week:-( I think Zach has been in his class the longest and their group is called The Lion Cubs. They asked tehe kids what they would like to change the group name to and Zach suggested they be called "The Skunks!" Awesome name Zach!

Above: All serious, Zach and Amelia watching the"bad kids."

Above: Zach showing off his bike for Amelia.

One of the scariest things at the park was this concrete slide, it’s really for older kids but Zach wanted to go down this thing. What you do is take a piece of cardboard and slide down this concrete slide. It looked treacherous but Zeebs wanted to take the challenge. All the kids Zach’s age were going down with older siblings or parents but Zach talked it alone! The entire crowd was quiet as Zach went down the slide alone! So, I watch Zach go down this thing and he is flying, probably going like 20 MPH and I am thinking he is totally going to wipe out he is going so fast, but he didn’t but his face looked like he just saw a ghost when he reached the bottom. When I asked him if he wanted to go down again, he shook his head “no” and ran away from the deadly slide. Brave little Zeebs!

Above: The deadly slide of concrete.

Above: See little Zach at the top of the slide and everyone looking on!?!?

More pictures from Golden Gate Park...

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