Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Softball Banquet

Above: Triple Threat! Me, Kyser and Jase!

I cut my hair SUPER short and I love it! You can kind of see it in the picture above, I was at the point where I wanted to shave it off and get a tattoo on the back of my head, but the hairdresser talked me out of that. He gave me one of the best haircuts I have ever had and I love how easy it is to style plus it makes me look younger! :-)

This past Sunday was our softball banquet for the entire Gay Softball League. Not only is this league the biggest gay softball league in the country, possibly the world, it was also the first ever, anywhere! It was pretty amazing to be a part of this massive organization, which consists of hundreds of men and women and over 50 teams. I do admit I miss the intimacy of the Boston League and how small it is and how everyone knows each other, but the San Francisco league has its perks. I am by far one of the youngest in the entire league, which is a nice feeling since I am 33 years old. In Boston, I was one of the oldest on our team!

Above: The sea of people at the banquet.

The banquet was great, our team got the second place trophy and the MVP went to Will! Much deserved even though I voted for Kyser:-P Mark Golden won the team MVP on Paul’s team. It was an okay time it was at Jillian's the entire place was reserved for the league. So after the awards, some of us headed over to Badlands. Badlands is a large gay bar where they play current and past music videos and people dance in this circular dance floor. It’s really a fun place to go dancing with friends and that's just what we did! Paul, Jase, Kyser and I danced and had a blast.

Above: Scott holding the Pups 2nd place throphy

Above: Paul and Kyser acting all badass!

Now when Jase, Kyser and I get together we are the male version of Destiny's Child and Charlie's Angels combined. We are fierce! LOL We really get along very well and depending on the day we hang out together, we are different people from those groups. Sunday night without a doubt I wore the Beyonce cap for a bit, going off on my own, taking off my shirt and uping the anti! LOL We all have our Beyonce moments. It was so much fun! I can't wait to go out again soon:-) Kyser has the pictures from the dance club, stay tuned for those.

Above: The three bitches!


PJ said...

Given that I'm usually with you girls as well... does that make me Charlie? I just hope I'm not Bosley.

Menky said...

Of course it does! You're our pimp! LOL