Saturday, September 22, 2007

True Colors

Above: Everyone getting into their 'true colors.'

Living in Boston, Paul and I made some amazing friends that we miss dearly and are still very much our friends. Paul has been in San Francisco for a year now and I am going on a year in January. Paul and I have made a really great group of friends in San Francisco and there’s nothing like bonding even more with newer friends over a nice house party. Paul and I decided to have a party/game night at our place last night and we had a great turnout. We invited 14 people and 18 people showed up! So we had to be creative on how we were going to play games and keep everyone entertained! So we dived people into two groups, one group wanted to play Risk (zzzzz) and the other group opted for a game called “True Colors.” True Colors is a game that I reworked and made it my own. I started playing this game in Boston with large groups of people and it’s always a hilarious time. Once again it was a huge hit, Paul and I were the only ones in the room that have played it. After introducing it to the guests, everyone was hooked on this catty, raunchy game.

Above/Below: It's a game of Risk!

The gist of the game is everyone anonymously writes a question they want to ask the group. Sample questions from last night were, “Who in this room would most likely be caught in a bathroom stall with a US Senator,” “Who would most likely kill someone to stay young forever?” and” If you were stranded on a desert island with everyone in this room, who would you eat?” (of course there were dirtier questions, but it’s a family blog!) Everyone places his or her question in a hat. Now everyone has matching post-it notes and pens and everyone labels themselves with a color. You place the color on your shirt and then the fun begins. A person then pulls a question out of the hat and reads it to the group. Everyone then anonymously writes on his or her post it note WHO they think best fits the question by writing the color of that person on a piece of paper. Now most people don’t just write the color but funny witty comments directed to that person. After you have decided whom (what color) best fits that description you then place your response into a second hat. NOW, after everyone anonymously chooses who best fits the question, you then have to decide how YOU ranked, how you were judged by the people in the group. So you have to decide if you got the most votes, the least votes or if you ranked somewhere in between. This is how you score the points, if you go out on a limb and think you got the most or least votes, you get 3 points but if you play it safe and think you fell somewhere in between you get 1 point. If you are wrong on your guess of yourself you get 0 points.

Above: Everyone has their post-it notes on their shirts
playing True Colors.

Above: The boys having a good laugh.

Above: John getting into his true colors.

It’s a blast and we played for hours last night, people started leaving at 2am! I have never seen so many people laugh so hard I think our neighbor though we were torturing small animals with the combination of all the hooting and hollering, Joe’s belly laughs, Richards high shrieks and the roll of the Risk dice! Lots of fun boys, I cannot wait for the next game night!

Above: Paul and John.

Above: Those three bitches again!

Above: Jay, Cody and Richard finally find toys in their age range!

Above: Joe, Paul and Jase.

Above: I have no idea what the hell is going on in this picture!!?!?

Above: Mark, Chris, Will and Ryan on the deck to get some fresh air!


Patrick Lentz Photography said...

Uhmmmm...I believe it was my idea to throw away the stupid cards of the real True Colors game and write our own questions! hehe

Glad to see the game has caught on on the other side of the country! I long to play TC again someday! (weeps)

Menky said...

I think it was a combined effort of our creative juices!:-)

Someday True Colors will be back on the East Coast:-)

Patrick Lentz Photography said...

Yes, I would agree, though I have a sicker mind than you. Who else would have the nerve (in a different game) to define the word "horient" as a whore from the orient also known as a "horiental", and with two asians in the room! :o)

PJ said...

We don't really have many horiental friends out here yet? Maybe if Ray ever moves back to the bay area...

Jonathan said...

I forgot about the horientals! Too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

This post makes me want to move to San Francisco!! Ya'll look like you're havin' so much fun!

Patrick Lentz Photography said...

I discussed this controversy with Ray on Friday and he now stakes claim to the "True Colors" idea. Those horientals!

Menky said...

Wait until I see that horiental again! LOL!