Sunday, September 16, 2007

Photographer Zach Johnson

This past week Zachary explored his creative side and wanted to take pictures with the camera. So I let him take the camera for a few hours and just walk around and take pictures. He had a blast and actually took some pretty damn good pictures. I think this may the beginning of a future career for the young lad! Check out the pictures Zach took with the camera ALL BY HIMSELF, no help from his Dad or me. Enjoy!

Above: Zach takes a picture of his toys.

Above: A closer look at lunch!

Above: The aftermath of lunch.

Above: Crazy Dad!

Above: Zach took a great picture of our new living room furniture!

Above: Two of Zach's favorite things, blanket and binky!

Above: Cool picture of Zach's toolbox.

Above: Pez

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