Wednesday, July 16, 2008

iPhone Photos

Above: Imagine if there were two Zach's!

I finally got around to getting the photos off of my iPhone. The iPhone is pretty handy when you want to snap a photo and you don't have your camera handy. Below are some photos that were taken over the past couple of months on my iPhone.

Above/Below: Paul and Zach reading the Sunday paper.

Above: A bizarre tribute on someones house after longtime newscaster Dennis Richmond retired.

Above: We do bi-monthly "bake-off" contests at work - the entries look small but they all were delicious!

Above/Below: My bus ride into work is truly amazing. Usually in the morning San Francisco is under a cloud of fog and when I get into Sausalito it's bright and sunny. You can see the blob of fog covering the entire SF skyline.

Above: Another amazing view near my work.

Above: Sorry Ryan, I stole your photo! We saw this photo at AT&T Park.
What the hell is an "express" bathroom!?!?

Above: Following the theme of "Where's Waldo" - Where's Paul?

Above: This picture was not taken with my iPhone but with my iMac - Warhol.

Above: Looking through a fish eye.

Above: Jetta dash

Above: One of the many crazy cars we see in SF.

Above: A huge billboard I saw of Madonna on my way home from work.

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