Monday, July 28, 2008

Chef Zach

Above: I love this picture! Zach taking the cookies out of the oven.

Zachary has expressed a huge interest in something that I find to be quite fascinating for a kid his age. Remember Zach is only 4 1/2 years old and while other kids want to be a fireman, a teacher, a nurse, a policeman or any of the other "common" professions when they grow up, Zach has shown that he really has a taste for a particular profession. (All the photos pictured below are from our friend Richard and his day cooking with Zach!)

Above: Excited to cook!

Above: Mixing the ingredients.

Zach likes to watch cartoons and action movies but lately Zach has been asking to watch cooking shows. Not only does he watch them, but also he comments on them and expresses how he wants to be a chef! Zach enjoys cooking food from scratch and adding in all the fun ingredients like eggs, flour sugar and salt and making a tasty dish. I love this interest he has and it really shows the creative side to him.

Above: Taste test.

Above: YUM!

Zach has been away for a week now and he will be gone for another week and a half and Paul and I miss him very much. He is staying on the Cape with his Mom, Iggy, Nanny, Pops, Aunt, Uncle and his two cousins. I am sure he is having a blast. We cannot wait to see him when he comes back. I am looking forward to baking some fun things when he gets back to San Fran. Below is a quick clip of all of us baking. We usually cook right when we all get home from work and school and it's rather hectic trying to cook and get food on the table, get Zach in a tubby and then settle down before bedtime.

Above: Zach and Me cooking dinner.

I think it's so important to feed the interests kids have so they are exposed to what is peaking their curiosity. Whatever Zach wants to be when he gets older we all fully support and that's the key - to support your kids in whatever they want to do. It may not be what you had in mind for your children but support them - I feel that support will only make the parent/child bond stronger. I am hoping for the "Chef Zach" so he can make us some tasty meals when we are old and gray:-)


Momma & Pops said...

Remember those kids cooking classes I was telling you about? I found the name - Peekadoodle in Ghiradelli. Not sure what age group they're for or if Zach is far too advanced in his techniques already, but they have them weekly I think.

So good to see you last week!


Menky said...

Perfect! Thanks so much Steph. I will get back to you later today on the stuff we discussed last week. It was great seeing you as well:-) You look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great pics of Zach, as usual :)

Love it that he's got the cooking bug.

While it's perfectly fine for him to become
the next Gordon Ramsay; let's hope he doesn't
pick up his colorful vocabulary too...LOL!


Menky said...

Thanks Michelle! Yes, let's hope Zach can keep his vocab under control!! :-)