Monday, July 21, 2008

2008 Softball Season Comes to and End

This past weekend was the end of the softball season! Our team, The Pups C, finished overall for the season in a respectable 3rd place and we finished overall in the playoffs in 3rd place as well. I am very proud of that! Our division has 13 teams total, so coming in third place out of 13 teams is not too shabby! Our record was eight wins, three loses and 1 tie.

We have a great team and everyone gets along really well, some of our team members are moving away, some are not playing next season and some could be moved up to the next division. I will really miss the team I had this year, this team matched what the Brushbacks in Boston meant to me and I never thought that would happen.

We are all playing in a small tournament this weekend up in Russian River, I opted out - I am done with softball for this year and my body needs the rest. On last hooray for the Pups C!! It will be a blast I am sure:-)

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