Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Photos

Above: Me, Paul and Zach at the wedding. My new favorite picture:-)

This past Friday Paul's nephew got married - it was an amazing wedding. Zach was asked to be the ring bearer in the wedding it - this was Zach's first wedding. He was so damn cute in the wedding!!! Anyway, I wish the bridge and groom, Ashley and Andrew, all the happiness in the world. I took over 300 photos - half of them are on Facebook BUT I selected my top 20 photos I took at the wedding. Enjoy:-)

Above: This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken. I couldn't have planned this picture.

Above: A beautiful shot of the bride and groom.

Above: I was watching the wedding party walk away and though - no one ever takes a photo of the wedding party from the rear view - I love the look of this photo.

Above: Zach in a tux was priceless - he looked like a little man.

Above: Bride Ashley talking to Zach - love the candid moment.

Above: The groom and the bride entering the sea of guests.

Above: Three beautiful ladies!

Above: Me and Zach dancing - he's a great dancer!

Above: Zach hated the tight collar and his cousin Jake was trying to ease his discomfort.

Above: Such a beautiful photo.

Above: I love photographing Zach - his face is so amazing.

Above: Me and Paul:-)

Above: Everyone looked amazing.

Above: Zach taking the time out to wave to the camera.

Above: Stunning.

Above: Paying tribute to Michael Jackson.

Above: Growing up too fast!

Above: Again, growing up too fast - before we know it - it will be cousin/niece Hailey's wedding!

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