Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson

Above: Michael Jackson before and after. He looks great on the right - what happened!?!?

I am sure about everyone who has a blog has blogged about the death of Michael Jackson. I never would have thought one of my biggest idols growing up would die at such a young age.

Paul and I were on an airplane flying to Boston when it happened. The first headline we saw was that MJ had a heart attack - my first thought was he is faking or it isn't as serious as the media is trying to say it is. Then it said he was in a coma and then I was like - ok MJ maybe you took too many meds and then the news reported he had died. WHAT!?!?! I know many people are saying that its not shock - but it was a shock to me. I mean he was only 50 and even thought he was on a ton of meds so are more than half of Americans. I was totally floored by his death.

Above: Best selling album off all-time.

I do think it's a shame the way his life ended up with all the accusations of abuse, his strange transformation from a black man into a white woman and his lack of anything music worthy in over 10 years.

Above: At his peak.

At any rate - I will say that he is the most important male musical artist of my generation. He is the Elvis of my time and I am still in shock over it. I remember I first started getting into Michael Jackson at the age of 8 when the Thriller album came out - I wore it out. I would roller skate in my basement to his songs. I had posters, jackets, puzzles -- you name it if it was MJ I had it.

Above: Legacy.

I am hoping Jackson is remembered for his artistry and not his weirdness. He was one of the most talented artists ever.

My top ten fave Michael Jackson Songs:

He was one of my fave pop artists and I am not ashamed to admit I had all of his albums mostly in vinyl! As corny as this is - here are my top ten fave MJ songs:

1. Man in the Mirror (1988) - The words to this song are powerful and moving and i still love this song today - in my opinion the best MJ song. It made you look at yourself and see what little thing you could do to change the world. Make that change!

2. Ain't No Sunshine (1972) - It's hard to believe MJ sang this song with so much emotion and passion at the age of 13 - he may of not been the first artist to record it, but he sang it the best.

3. Rock with You (1979) - Such a great feel good end of the disco-era song. Just a taste of things to come when he released this song.

4. Wanna Be Startin' Someting (1983) - "Mama say mama sa ma ma coo saw." I remember when this song came out my two brothers and I would laugh ourselves silly listening to that verse and jump on our beds having pillow fights. So much fun - a moment in my life I'd love to rewind to.

5. Billie Jean (1983) - Probably one of the best songs of the 80s and it really started my fandom of MJ at the age of nine.

6. Black or White (1991) - I like this song, but I laugh thinking about it now - especially when a born black MJ turned white is singing "It don't matter if your Black or White" --- apparently it did matter...

7. Smooth Criminal (1988) - I used to love this song, still do, great dance song - would love to just rock it out to this song right now.

8. Thriller (1984) - Just for the historical video alone.

9. Beat it (1983) - Moonwalk.

10. You are Not Alone (1995) - This is probably the last song that Michael recorded that was good, after this song he really didn't record anything worth listening to.

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