Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boycott Perez Hilton - Support Dustin Lance Black

Above: Perez and Me back in 2008.

Ok - it's about time that Perez Hilton's 15 minutes of fame were up. Recently, Perez Hilton felt the need to bring down a positive gay role model and drag him through the mud. Dustin Lance Black is an openly gay male who won an Oscar for best screenplay this past year for his story on Harvey Milk. Dustin is not only an inspiration for the gay community by bringing the story of Harvey Milk to life, but he's also an inspiration for being an openly gay male that won and Oscar. I am inspired by Dustin for bringing to life an amazing story about a gay hero! Dustin has been an inspiration to the entire gay community young and old.

Above: Dustin Lance Black

So why would Perez choose to exploit nude pictures of Dustin having sex with an old boyfriend? Why would he choose to glorify it and drag a gay role model through the mud when the gay community is lacking role models?? Because frankly, Perez Hilton, is a piece of shit. He's a miserable human being that could only wish he was having the hot sex that was depicted in the pictures of Dustin Lance Black. Perez's miserable existence is exactly why he chose to lash out at Dustin. Think about it, who would have sex with Piggy Perez?? NO ONE! Perez may be rich and famous, BUT he doesn’t have what money can’t buy and that's love and respect.

Perez has dragged Dustin through the mud, and he blames it on the fact that Dustin never should have taken sex photos, - who the fuck cares!! Most people have sex Perez -- we know your not having it but exploring sex with your husband, wife, partner or whatever is a fun thing to do. Many couples gay and straight have fun taking nude pictures or sex videos of each other - it's sexual exploration that is encouraged to spice up a couple's sex life or just to increase the enjoyment of it. It's encouraged and millions of people have done it. This is something you don't understand because you have never had it - I often wonder if you have even ever had sex.

I am asking everyone to boycott anything related to Perez "Piggy" Hilton. Don't buy his crap, don’t go to his pathetic blog, and don’t support anything he does. He's worthless and there is no reason to support his hatred. Why do so many losers who don't have a life (i.e. S.J.) feel the need to drag people that do have a life through the mud - plain and simple they are jealous of that life they wish they were living!

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Michael Rivers said...

Thanks for such a great post! And I couldn't agree with you more. I think it's awful that such a big deal is being made about this.

When I heard the news, I thought, "Who the hell cares?" People DO take photos; the internet is full of them. People in relationships DO have sex in the way depicted in the photos. I don't understand the shockwave this created.

Very sad when one of our community does this. Again, thanks for a wonderful post. I agree with you 100%