Thursday, April 3, 2008

Zach the Warrior!

This past weekend when Zach and I were hangin' out, Zach wanted to wear a Pirate hat but I couldn't find one so he pulled out his Pirate bandana but he didn't want to wear it on his head like a scarf so - I rolled it up and put it on his head like a headband....well he wants to wear it everyday now! LOL. This kid cracks me up! I love it! Warrior Zach! Anyway enjoy the photos below of Zach and his Warrior head band!

Above: Zach doing his yoga!

Above: Down goes Frasier!

Above: Rock Steady

Above: Tattoo Zeebo!

Above: Rockin' it out...

Above: Zach really getting into his inner "warrior."

Above: Does he smash it?

Above: Yes, after all that energy, Zach DOES sleep!

Below are pictures of Zach at school, yes, he is wearing the headband!

Above: Zach flashing his schoolmates showing off his tattoos.

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