Monday, April 21, 2008

Home Run

Above: Me a few weeks ago at bat with my Wizard of Oz cleats! Take me home!

Softball season is in full swing! Paul and I both play in the same league for the same sponsor, The Pups! Paul is in the C division and I play in the D division in gay softball. When I met Paul he introduced me to softball, Paul has been playing baseball/softball all his life, pretty much, and when I met him I never even knew how to catch a ball let alone play softball. Paul is a very good ball player and a great teacher!:-)

Above: WOW! This picture was taken in 2005, my first year playing softball.
Look at the frustration on my face!

This is my fourth year playing softball, I played two years in Boston with the Bear Hill Cafe/Brushbacks and this is my second year with the Pilsner Pups. I have been the catcher ever year I have played softball and I am very comfortable in this position - it looks easier than it is. Every year I improve with my playing skills - early on I was always afraid of the ball and I have finally learned not to be afraid of it. I also have learned how to hold the bat and wait for the right pitch. And my running has always been my strong point but I have mastered base running.

Above: 2005 My first softball team! See that picture IS proof I can get a kickass tan (me first row far left)! LOL

Above: 2006 - The Brushbacks! I am in the center with blue visor on.

Earlier this month I told Paul that I am happy with how I play and I know that I don’t have the strength to actually hit a home run and that I will never hit one - I didn't say this in a poor me kind of way but in a more factual way. Paul and I have been gearing up for our Mexico trip next month and both want to get in tip-top shape for it. So we have been working out together at the gym, pushing each other to get in better shape and also learn from each other. We did this really great exercise that works the core of your body and the core of your body is really what you should use when you hit a ball.

Above: The Pups celebrating a win! I am number 23.

So this brings me back to what this post is about. I hit my first home run!!! So even when you think you can't do something or someone tells you you'll never do this or even when you don't think you have it in you to do something...someday..somewhere it can happen and you will say to yourself, "Wow, I really did it, I did something I didn't think I could do." When you say and do that - challenge yourself to the next thing, and the next thing....cause that's what this life is all about, a series of challenges, whether it be taking your first steps or hitting a home run or just surviving day-to-day, challenges are what make us grow. Challenge yourself!

Above: The Pups 2008!


Patrick Lentz Photography said...

Congratulations on the home run!

Menky said...

Thanks Patrick!