Saturday, April 12, 2008


Above: Yes, we took that picture - it's amazing!

Earlier this week Paul suggested we go see a sunset, since we have been in SF we have not sat and watched the sun go down. So he picked me up from work and we first went out to dinner at this really great seafood place right next to where I work called FISH, I go here often with co-workers, it's amazing to be able to see these views from work!

Above/Below: Beautiful views from dinner in Sausalito.

Above: Great food!

After dinner, we headed to this great trail above the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a really amazing experience. We both were in awe of the beauty all around us and how it cost us nothing to watch the beautiful things that some people take for granted evey day. It's hard to describe what we saw and how we felt so I'll show you in pictures. When I am old and gray I want to come back to this place and see this before I die.

Above: Me feeling the power of the sun on the outside AND the inside.

Above: We sat on this bench - how beautiful is this!?

Above: Paul and a view!

Above: Me looking at a view to kill.

Above: Paul enjoying the view.

Above: This HUGE raven was flocking around us and we got a stunning photo of him.

Above: See Paul hidden WAYYYY up there?

Above: Beauty!

Above/Below: A few pictures we took of the many sunsets.


Anonymous said...

Very Romantic! What a sweet way to end your day.


Anonymous said...

Amazing photos!!