Friday, May 18, 2007


It's the end of the week and I am looking forward to the weekend. I was planning on leaving work early today since I have to work this Sunday, which is fine. I was headed home going to pick up Paul and Zachary at school. Paul calls me to tell me the school called and said Zach fell down and has a "bump" on his head and it's bleeding. I was already on my way to get them; not thinking it was anything major.

As I pull up to the school I see Paul carrying Zach to the car and I see that this "bump" is a lot more than just a bump it's a gash over his left eye. A large open gash. So I start to get all sweaty and hyper and sad for Zach because as I am talking to him in the backseat I realize that he will have to have stitches. Poor guy:-(

Above: Zach with his gash over his eye and the "bloody collar"
not to be confused with Schilling's bloody sock.

Paul and I arrived at the hospital with Zach, Carrie and Iggy were on their way as well. All of us were in the hospital waiting for the inevitable, Zachary getting stitched up by the doctor. I do have to give the hospital props for there great staff. There was a woman there named Nelle who was just there to calm kids down and she did a great job. Zach had to put a gauze patch over his eye while he waited for the doctor and Paul, Carrie, Iggy and I did the same thing so we all had this big gauze patch taped to our faces. It lightened the mood for sure.

Finally it was time to stitch Zachary up. Zach had to put away the bag of jellybeans clutched in his hand and be a tough guy. Paul had to lie in the hospital bed holding Zach tight and the nurse had to hold his head. The doctor started to numb Zach's wound and out came the screams. Once I heard the first scream I just started to cry, I wanted his pain to go away. If I could have traded places with Zach to take away his pain I would have without hesitation. It's really hard to watch a child you love experience pain. All of us watched the doctor sew him up and the minutes seemed like hours as Zach screamed.

Above: Future heavy-weight champ!

Zach is at home right now playing with his cars and sitting on the couch smiling. This will be a memory we will talk about when he is older, a memory that when we look at him as a young man and see that scar over his eye we will all say remember that day when...

Above: What a trooper...back to his fun loving smiley Zeebs!


Patrick said...

poor little guy! But at least when he grows up he will have a sexy scar !

Anonymous said...

Poor Little Thing. He is still as cute as a button! Be sure that PJ spoils him while he is injured!

Carrie said...

I cried too... it was horrible but I was glad that Zach had his whole "family" there with him. The scar is looking so much better and he doesn't even know it's there anymore!

Menky said...

He's a tough little guy!!