Monday, May 7, 2007

Friends and Fun Part III

Above: Jase and Kevin share some...laughs!

Sunday morning, Paul and I got up rather early. Paul had a softball game at 9am and he had to be there for 8:30am so he was off and running. My softball game wasn’t until 2pm so I had time to chill and enjoy the beautiful day; it was going to be near 90 degrees! Rare for San Fran. I sat out on the new patio furniture that we bought (stay tuned for a post on that!) and just took in some sun. Kevin and Jon rolled out of bed around 12:30pm and we all started to get ready for the day. For those who don’t know, Kevin and Jon were on our former softball team in Boston, The Brushbacks. So they were going to check out my new team and hang with us at a fundraiser we were having after the game.

Above: Jon, Kevin and Paul at the game.

I was dropped off at the field where the game was SUPPOSED to be and Kevin, Jon and Paul headed off to grab some lunch. When I went to the field my teammates looked a little sour and I wasn’t sure what was up. I started a website for our team, similar to the one I had for the Brushbacks. Apparently I put the wrong field on the site for the days game and we all had to drive to a new field, I felt like a shit! Ugh, not a great way to start off with a new team. We arrived a the new field and it was 90 degrees and I was already getting bitchy because I hate the heat AND I hate the heat even more when I am in a full uniform with pants so tight it leaves nothing to the imagination. After waiting a half an hour to play our game, we finally were ready to play ball! Jon and Kevin were in the shade watching and PJ took score. We were playing the Cardinal Sins. This was probably the best game of softball I have ever played despite it being so hot. I had two base hits AND I made a great play at second where I should have been out BUT I slid into second to make it a safe play. All I heard from the stands was Kevin saying, “Where did you learn how to do that?” and “Sure, you play like this when you come to San Fran!” it was quite comical how well I played, how well the entire team played. The final score was 25-5. We won!

Above: Our two-headed Pups player.

Above: Check out the new fashion trend on the right, I want one in stonewashed!

After the win, we all headed to the Pilsner Inn bar, one of the team sponsors, and started up the beer bust fundraiser! I had to stop home first to get out of the uniform, I was so sweaty and dirty that I had to get out of those pants they were cutting off my circulation. When I arrived I immediately was questioned by my teammates to where was my uniform and why I wasn’t wearing it. A teammate actually came up to me and said that his good friend told him “I’m not an ass man but that catcher has an amazing ass.” I can say one of the things I have that I notice a lot of guys have a hard time achieving is a big bubble ass. I have to thank my genes for that. It seems to be the envy of the team. Back to the beer bust fundraiser… we were raffling off cool prizes for people to win like and iPod, gift certificates and DVDs. I brought a Joan Crawford DVD to be raffled off! There were people actually disappointed they didn’t win it!! Always have to bring Joan into he mix! As the night went on, I proceeded to not only get to know my teammates very well but get drunker and drunker.

Above: Oye! Me getting tipsy with teammates and ANOTHER Yankees fan!

Above: Hot men! Paul, Jase, Jay and Jon at the Pilsner Inn.

Everyone had a great time, conversation was great, the team loved Kevin and Jon and we all really got to know each other really well. We ended up leaving and headed to a local restaurant called “Home” with a teammate of mine, Jase. Jase will definitely become a good friend, very funny, very tall guy with a great sense of humor. At this point, all I remember was stuffing my face with food and then being helped into the car and into the house to go right to bed and get ready for work the next day…..

Above: Night night!


Frank said...

An intoxicated Neil striped down to his wife beater t-shirt, hanging on some hunky guy could lead to disaster. Good thing PJ is around to keep you out of trouble.

Sounds like you guys had a blast.

miss ya

Menky said...

HA! It could have lead to disaster Frank but PJ is my guy:-) We all had a great time. Just pretty ironic that we ran into TWO Yankees fans at TWO differnt places on TWO different days that both wanted ONE thing!..LOL