Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Photo Gallery

Above: Paul, Me, Jon Kevin & Jon in front of an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Above: See what happens when you don't brush your teeth!

Jon and Kevin left late last night for Boston. We all had such a great time as you may have read in the three previous posts below. We will miss you guys!! Here's a photo gallery of some of the great times we shared, the majority of these photos were taken by Jon and passerby’s that we asked to take group pictures of us. Here are some of my favorite pictures. Enjoy!

Click on images to see a larger view.

Above: Kevin and Jon in front of Golden Gate Bridge.

Above: Paul, Me, Kevin and Jon at AT&T Park. One of these things is not like the other??

Above: Me and Jon at the Giants game!

Above: Jon and Kevin bought us these shirts. How cute!!

Above: Best martini bar in San Fran, Martuni's!

Above: Now doesn't THIS look like fun?

Above: Can you spot Paul and I on the Cave Adventure ride?

Above: Me on the bumper cars. Don't need a license to drive this!

Above: Jon, Kevin, Me and Paul at the amusement park in Santa Cruz.

Above: Me running into home base to score a run! YEA!

Above: Caught in the act!! And I'm the Yankees whore???..I think not!

Above: My favorite picture of Paul. So cute!

Above: Jon and Paul in Napa.

Above: Luke use the force!

Above: Great picture of Jon and Kevin.

Above: Me freezing my ass off at a scenic view area for the Golden Gate Bridge.

Above: The gang at the Golden Gate Bridge! Look at that view!!

Above: Us.

Above: Probably one of the most beautiful views in the country!

See below for detailed adventures of our weekend in San Francisco!!!!


Frank said...

Your a wiz a photo shop! YOu did an amazing job superimposing PJs face for yours in the pic of you grabing that guys package.

Great pics, SF is truly beautiful.

Menky said...

LOL very funny Frank! We are coming out in July, look forward to seeing you!

Anonymous said...

So, you and Paul are such a cute couple! The body language in the photos shows how much you guys like each other so much. And then when I read both of your blogs, seems like you both have so much in common. I'm jealous.

-Beth Austin

Menky said...

Thanks "Beth." Shocked to read a comment like that from you, it's nice to see your turning over a new leaf. :-)

Frank said...


What no post about the upcoming American Idol finale. Get off your ass and dish. Team night at Jacques tomorrow, damn you and PJ for living in SF