Monday, May 7, 2007

Friends and Fun Part II

Saturday morning we all slept in and got well rested for a day of traveling. We were heading down south to Monterey. None of us had been there so we thought it would be a great place to explore. The two hour drive was long but we listened to some great music on the way up that killed some time also the view was pretty scenic for part of the way. We arrived in Monterey, it was extremely windy and cold and I was not dressed for it at all, wearing shorts and a sweatshirt. Monterey is a cute town with tons of fisherman, boats and tourist traps but other than that it didn’t really offer too much. We were all starving and ended up at a seafood restaurant called Crabby Jims. We were seated at a very scenic table overlooking the ocean. It was a great view! We even saw a woman sitting in the ocean taking a piss, that was pretty much the impression we had of Monterey once we left it. After a so-so lunch we headed toward Cannery Row (or as Jon likes to call it, Canary Row) and walked around the shops, which were borderline ghetto, but we did find a cool miniature “underwater” black light golf course!

Above: A view of lovely Monterey.

Above: A women pissing in the ocean, our view while we ate lunch.

Above: Jon Jones getting naughty with a grandma!!

We arrived at the golf course in a deserted mall. The kid running the golf course was maybe 15 years old. Kevin immediately started playing the crane games to try to win tickets to redeem a prize. Kevin was eager and determined to win the most tickets he could to win the prize that awaited him. After winning 350 tickets, Kevin brought his tickets to the boy at the counter and asked, “What can I get?” The smile on Kevin’s face was priceless; surly it would have been the same smile and anticipation if he were 8 years old. The counter boy just pointed to the lame selection of stuffed animals that we have ever witnessed. Kevin’s face went a few shades whiter than it already is, hard to believe that could happen, and he scoured the stuffed animals for something remotely decent. Kevin found the best thing in the mix, a teddy bear wearing a Joe Montana jersey, probably from the 1980’s. He also got a purple glitter halo for me to wear.

Above: Paul and Jon play a mean game of air hockey!

Above: Paul, the winner of not only air hockey BUT he was also the winner of the golf match.

Finally, we were ready to go play “underwater” miniature golf. Paul and Jon just played a mean game of air hockey. I still have yet to bet Paul in air hockey, I am not sure how he cheats so well at it. The miniature golf course was really cool, we all had neon golf balls and the whole course was black lit so it glowed like you were inside of a fish tank. The game started of great with me in the lead, which was shocking since I can’t play golf to save my life. Kevin on the other hand, well I think he would have done better blindfolded. Towards the end of the game I started to lose my luck, I had fallen behind and Paul took the lead. By the end of the golf game, I had pretty much fallen into last place…almost, Kevin took the honors of coming in last place. We headed out of the mini-golf course and were decided where to go next. While we were deciding, Paul got a soda from a vending machine in the mall and the soda was not only warm but also flat and I think it had a date on it of 1986.

Above: Paul and Kevin taking a break on the golf course.

Above: Kevin makes a new friend! A provactive beaver! Wait I thought you already met this friend at The Mint the other night!?

Above: A cool shot of Kevin and I playing golf.

Above: Oh No! Jon Jones is getting eaten by a shark on the golf course!

Above: My bad ass self when I was winning golf, that didn't last long!

We decided Monterey was not the greatest place and started heading back north. We decided Santa Cruz sounded like a fun place to stop before we went home. When we arrived in Santa Cruz we immediate loved it. There was an old fashion amusement park, the kind with the Ferris wheel and the haunted house, and we all ran to it like we were kids again. The park was great! Tons of old fashioned rides, fun games where you win a prize if you knock over the milk bottles and it was all on the ocean. Great park. I really want to go back there again. We decided that we would go on some of the rides. Paul and I went on this lame cave ride that was for kids, it was very strange. Jon and I went into the haunted house, which was so much fun because it was the cheesy car ride you sit in and things pop out at you in the dark. I love it, just like when I was a yougin’! Then we saved the best for last, the bumper cars! We all got our driving faces on and headed to the cars gripping the steering wheels. Once the cars turned on we all tried crashing into each other and chased each other around the track. It was probably on of the best times I have ever had, so much fun and just a care-free time, just like it was when we were young boys.

Above: Bumper Cars!

Above: I think Kevin is giving his phone number to this Asian women.

Above: Arrr mates!

These are the times you really should remember and cherish when things are going rough in the adult world, everyone should go back to the fun times in their childhood and relive them just a little bit every now and again. We ended off the day getting our pictures taken in the old time photo booth. We all crammed in and made funny faces and smiled for the camera and out popped those strip of pictures that people save for years to come. You look back on that strip of pictures and remember what happened and where you were at that point in your life. I can say that I know I will always keep that strip of pictures of Jon, Kevin, Paul and I and I will look back at them and remember the fun we had, the laughs and an amazing friendship.


Anonymous said...

You all look like you are having so much fun! I'm jealous!

Matt from Arizona

Anonymous said...

Such a cute group of boys!

Frank said...

Uhh Ohh..Did Jon get a bit overexcited..Whats that nasty looking stain at the bottom of "grand ma's dress?

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