Thursday, April 5, 2007

"Good" Friday

Above: Zach, Paul and I are coloring eggs to kick-off Easter weekend!

After another crazy busy workweek, I was looking forward to the holiday weekend. Easter has never been on of my favorite holidays, but with Zach it brings back good memories from childhood. I remember always being excited to color the eggs and see what creative colors they would turn. Zach was great and very patient coloring the eggs and also creative in his color selection. Blue and green are pretty much what all the eggs turned out to be after Zach dipped the eggs into every bowl of color on the counter. We also wrote on the eggs with the magic wax crayon which never gets old even when you are in your 30's:-) We are all gearing up for a fun-filled weekend for Easter so stay tuned for more...

Above: An Easter present from Grams! Quack! Quack!

The long Easter weekend also kicked off with an Easter gift from Grams. Zachary tore open the box and inside was a really cool dinosaur sketch board and a quacking duck game that has both Paul and I quacking even more than we do now!

Above: Another Easter present from Grams and a big smile and thank you to Grams from Zach!

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