Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dance like no one is watching you

Sunday night, Paul and I got back from a mini-vacation in northern California and we just lounged around the house, went to bed pretty late. (More on the mini-vacation in an upcoming post.) We were lying in bed when we heard a loud crash; it was so loud we both jumped out of bed. Paul ran out of the apartment to go see what it was. I was lying in bed listening to the sounds of sirens and people, looking out the window to see what I could see.

After several minutes Paul came back in the house and told me that there was a major car accident. Apparently, an 18-year-old kid was trying to rob a nearby camera shop and someone caught him and they called the cops. The cops arrived while the 18-year-old was still in the process of robbing the store and the kid ended up jumping in his car and a high-speed chase began with the kid and the cops. The kid was going down the street in back of our apartment about 100mph and lost control of the car and crashed into two parked cars and one car that was driving down the street. The car driving down the street has a 50-year-old man in it on his way home.

The 18-year old kid ran off and many officers were running around the streets with their guns looking for this kid. The man that was struck ended up on the ground outside his car bleeding all over. The man ended up dying before they got him to the hospital.

Paul and I were both in shock that night. The sound of the car crash we heard was the sound of someone dying. It made us both realize you never know when it can all be taken away; you never know when your life could be over. One of us could have been driving that car - in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Live everyday like it's your last, treat others as you'd like to be treated and as Morrie said, "Dance like no one is watching you."

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