Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ancient Greece

Above: Me in front of the Parthenon.

Paul and I are still in Greece, I wanted to post some photos on here. We have ben in Greece for almost a week now and it's truly an amazing place. Just walking around the city and and exploring the ancient city and realizing all the history that this great city holds.

Above: An amazing view of the Acropolis from the city of Athens.

Above: At the Acropolis, this is the Stoa of Eumenes.

Above: The entrance to the Acropolis, Propylaea.

Above: Another shot of the full entrance to the Acropolis, Propylaea

Paul and I went to the Acropolis and viewed the ancient ruins and just marveled at the amazing artistry that went into these fine pieces of architecture. it's funny to compare what the Greeks were doing hundreds of years before Christ and what the Indians were doing around that time as comparison and even as years went on the Indians still had the primitve teepee and totum poles and here the Greeks and Romans were producing these outstanding pieces of work and several are still standing tall today.

Above: The amazing Parthenon.

Above: Side-view of the Parthenon.

Above: Paul at the Parthenon.

Above: Paul admiring the Parthenon.

It's really been a trip of a lifetime and has opened my eyes even more to different cultures and ways of life. Enjoy a fraction of the photos we took - there are more on my facebook page if you are a friend of mine, you can view them. I will be posting more photos on the blog shortly.

Above: My favorite - The Old Temple of Athena on the right and the left part is the Erechtheum.

Above: These beautiful pillars decorate the porch of the Old Temple of Athena.

Above: The amazing Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

Above: Entrance to the Temple of Zeus, Hardin's Gate.

Above: A view from the Acropolis looking down at the Temple of Zeus.

Above: Temple of Zeus with the fortress Acropolis in back of it.

Above: Look at how grand the Temple of Zeus is! I look so tiny next to it.

Above: A fallen pillar at the Temple of Zeus.

Above: A view of the city of Athens from the Acropolis.


Michael Rivers said...

Wow! What breathtaking photos!! I'm so jealous. Greece is one place I REALLY want to go. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to more!

Lynnilou said...

Neil: Those pictures are gorgeous!