Friday, May 8, 2009

Athens, Greece

Well, it looks like Paul and I are off to Greece in two weeks!!! I am so excited. I have never been out of North America so going to Greece in a few weeks is going to be an amazing adventure that I am going to never forget! I really never thought I'd make it to Europe before the of 50, glad I am doing it while I am in my 30s. Growing up I loved geography, still do, and I did a report on Greece once and ever since then it was the place I wanted to go to the most all my life. My mother was the same way - she always told me she wanted to go there more than anywhere else and that if I ever went to send her something from Greece. I may just send her something with no explanation to see if she remembers our talks many many years ago about Greece and that report I did ( with her) that we had so much fun doing together.

It's going to be such an amazing adventure and I know I will be overwhelmed with the whole trip. I will be taking pictures and video from the trip non-stop so I will be posting many updates from the trip here. So stay tuned.

I really would love to go to Europe with Zach someday when he is a little older - I'd love to see him explore the countries and really get into it. Someday!:-)

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