Thursday, March 5, 2009

Letty Lynton 1932

Above: Letty Lynton hangs proudly in our dining room.

I am super excited to finally frame my original
Letty Lynton movie poster from 1932. This is such a rare poster as is the film. This movie poster is from Sweden and it was never displayed - it was kept in a tube for years and years never to see the light of day. I purchased it last year and was shocked at the pristine condition of this movie poster that is 75 years old! The color is still as vibrant and rich as it was when it was first printed, there are no folds, tears or holes in this poster -- it's so rare to find a movie poster this old in this condition.

Letty Lynton is probably in my top ten favorite movies of all time. It was a huge hit in 1932 and it spawned one of the biggest fashion crazes ever to hit Hollywood. It really was the first time a clothing designer (Adrian) and female star (Joan Crawford) combined together as a team to crack out outfits that woman from all over the world wanted to wear. The film sadly was sued for copyright infringement in 1938 and was pulled from circulation. The film has never been available to the general public, but the film has survived and rumor has it -- its been preserved and waiting for the expiration of the copyright - which is in 2012. I hope this movie sees the proper attention it deserves and people can see what a great film it was and is.

Above: Joan Crawford, at he peak of her beauty, pictured in a publicity photo from the film Letty Lynton.

Joan Crawford said -"If there ever was a retrospective on my film career (Letty Lynton) is the the film I want them to show.

Above: Matt and Matt conversing over a Hurrell photo of Joan! HA!


Michael Rivers said...

What a great poster and wonderful addition to your collection! It looks great hanging there.

Tom Peeping said...

Your poster is great, bravo! But Joan's face on it reminded me much more of Lys Gauty's, a french torch singer from the 1930's.