Sunday, March 1, 2009


Above: Me and my girl Shannon!

This past week I celebrated my 35th year in this world -- I have to say this was on of my best birthdays and I love the sound of 35 years old!:-) So far, the 30s have been the best years of my life and I am really looking forward to this coming year. My birthday was on the 26th and Paul, Ryan and Zach had a great b-day surprise for me when I got home from work! There was a huge Happy Birthday sign in the living room, my favorite Chinese take-out, yummy cake and very generous gifts! It was great. I honestly don't feel 35 - I am not even sure what 35 feels like, but we were all talking about what it will be like when Zach is 35 and I said, "Oh I will be 65 when Zach is 35"...ummm I am not going to rush that birthday:-)

Above: Paul, Me and Zach ringing in 35!

Above: Zach looking cute as ever.

Above: Ryan, Me and Zach - getting ready to dig into that cake!

Above: Where's the ice cream!?

Last night, we had our first party in our new home. It was a birthday/housewarming party and we had a ton of new and old friends at the party. Fun was had by all! Thanks everyone for the cards, gifts and well-wishes!

Above: Matt, Mark, Paul & Ryan at the house party.

Above: Aldolfo, Me, Kyser and Ryan enjoying a few drinks.

Above: Joe and Paul, Joe is hoarding all the beer!

Above: Darrin, Jason, Cody, Jay and Me laxin' on the couch.

Above: Aldolfo, Troy and Paul.

Above: Paul and Michael all smiles.

Above: PARTY!

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