Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Training Wheels

Above: Proud papa watches on as Zach pedals down the street.

I think a memory that most people always remember is when they got their first real bicycle. I remember I was six years old I graduated from the "Big Wheels" that were popular in the eighties which where like a tricycle but where larger and lower to the ground. My first bike was gold and black BMX bike that my grandfather bought me. I thought it was so badass and I hopped on the bike and thought I could just start pedaling and I would be off down the street. Not so. I fell right over and realized this bike was much different it had only two wheels. So, training wheels were purchased and I was tooling around on four wheels now!? I remember feeling defeated and wondering why I had gone from three wheels to four wheels. After having the training wheels on for a very short time I asked my parents to take them off so I could learn how to ride my bike like the "big boys."

I should have realized how much of a determined person I was going to be when I used to come home after school everyday and ride my bike down the sidewalk next to a chain link fence and try to ride my bike without training wheels. I would constantly crash into the fence, fall down, scrap up my body but I always got back up and was so determined to ride that damn bike without the aid of training wheels. Mind you, there were no helmets back then, kids did not wear them and they were not required. After weeks of bashing my body on the chain link fence and falling down on the cement, the day came where I started off next to the fence and started pedaling and took off down the sidewalk. I was riding my bike without training wheels. I remember smiling and cheering for myself that I had finally done it. I rode my bike until the sun went down that day and I remember getting in trouble for staying out way past my bedtime but it was worth it.

Above: I am trying to keep up with Zach as he flies down the hills!

This past weekend, Paul bought Zachary a cool "big boy" bike. Zach was really excited to get this and we took him out around our neighborhood to ride it. We forgot to buy a helmet for him so we made sure we were close by while he rode the bike. Zach had trouble at first peddling but caught on quick and was tooling down 24t Street. He was yelling, "I am driving a racecar!" as the wind whipped through his hair and he took the corners to go down the hilly street. It was a blast watching him graduate to a bigger bike and seeing the joy on his face. I look forward to the day he is able to ride around without the training wheels, but then I'll be a basket case worried about him riding around the streets of San Francisco!

Later in the day we took Zach to the park where they were having a breast cancer march. It was a great event seeing many survivors of breast cancer march and meet at Dolores Park. Zachary proved again that he is growing up by climbing up high ladders and jumping off ships! It’s amazing how fast kids grow!

Pictures from the breast cancer walk below...

Pictures of Zebra at the Park below...

Above: Zach takes the plundge into "the water" off of the pirate ship!

Above: YEE-HAWW!


Above: Want some?


Anonymous said...

Cutest kid ever!

Menky said...

I couldn't agree more:-)