Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Return to Russian River/4th of July

Above: My badass self cruisn ' down the river!

Paul and I were both in much need of a little R&R, so we headed back north to the Russian River. This time we were going ON season so we were expecting a different crowd. The place we stayed at was nice; it had a huge pool, hot tub and was in a central location to walk to everything. Our room was literally 2-feet from the bar so the four days we were there we didn’t fully fall asleep until the bar shut at 2am.

The weather was perfect and we both spend a lot of time by the pool, there was a different crowd each day we were there. We met a few really nice people AND we ran into fellow softball player Kevin his boyfriend Russ and his best friend Shawn. We hung out with those guys for a few nights we were there and had a blast.

Above: Paul taking a rest from kayaking, look at those guns!!

Sunday we decided to remove ourselves from the pool and the bar and go kayaking down the Russian River! I have to say this was the most enjoyable and most fun that we had. We each got in our own kayak and headed down the river. It was awesome! While kayaking down the river we saw several people lying out on the scattered beaches, we saw huge cranes and blue herrings on the riverbanks AND we paddled into this area that was swarming with HUGE eagles and we thought we were going to turn into prey for these birds. It was a little scary. After 3 hours of paddling we were pretty beat and headed back for a nap.

Above: This was one of he mammoth birds we saw while paddling down the river.

That night, we ate outside at this local pizza restaurant. They were having fireworks Sunday night in the town of Guerneville and there were many people swarming the streets to get a great view. Paul and I were both taken back at the people in this town. All I have to say is there must be a lot of inbreeding in this town as we both saw people that looked..well..rather “unique.” It felt like a Twilight Zone” episode.

By Monday we were ready to go back home and spent the day at the pool, unfortunately the drinks hit me a little harder than usually and I ended up in bed by 5pm, down for the count!

Above: I can never get a good picture of fireworks!

Above: How beautiful is this! I took this from Carrie, Iggy, Kiera and Zach's front window! What a view!

The 4th of July was great! We both spent it with Zachary, Carrie, Iggy, Kiera and Lois! It was a great time – great food, fun and fireworks! Zachary was a bit tired and didn’t seem too excited about the fireworks

Above: Zach and Carrie get ready to watch the fireworks.

Above: Could these two look anymore alike!?!?


Anonymous said...

You're always having so much fun! I really enjoy this blog.

Menky said...

It's a great life:-)